Our Principles

History ~ Integrity ~ Responsibility

Isn’t it time.

When you listen to the 24 hour cable news channel do you every get the feeling that you are living in the twilight zone?  Do you ever sit back and think to yourself… “thank God for the independent voters”, when you hear the rhetoric from both the left and the right.  You got Keith Olbermann screaming in your left ear and Glenn Beck crying in your right.  Michael Moore and MoveOn.org touting anti-capitalism on one side and “Birthers” and Tea Party protesters on the other.  The more politicians say they are going to bring the two parties together the further they fracture and the louder the lunatic fringe from both parties become.

Isn’t it time for a new body politic?

This website is an attempt to bring together people and their ideas to formulate a new brand of politics.  A new identity that the independent minded American citizen can relate to and identify with.  We call it The Legacy Party…but you can call it what ever you want.  It is not a term that will identify you like Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Left Wing or Right Wing.  It is a term that stands for a principled approach to government and the identity of our country.  The identity that keeps things in check…swinging the pendulum back and forth from election cycle to election cycle.

Economic Policy

We believe that small business is the driver of economic prosperity for the United States.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation should be supported, rewarded and barriers should be removed to foster innovation that comes from young companies.

We believe in the natural ebb and flow of the marketplace.  We believe that creative destruction should not be feared but embraced as the jobs of tomorrow come from changes made today.  We believe that government intervention is a hindrance not a help to the playing out of natural market forces while supporting smart and efficient regulation to protect the environment.

We do not believe in bailouts for the worlds largest companies but we also do not believe in bailouts for individuals who are currently facing economic hardships through benefit extensions, down payment assistance, and other programs.  These policies merely delay the inevitable.

Fiscal Responsibility

We believe that the Federal Government should run a balanced budget.  Zero based budgeting is the only way forward.

We do not believe in the abolishment of the IRS but the founders ideals of taxation with representation.

We do not believe in the abolishment of the Federal Reserve but in the need for open and transparent records.

We believe that prudent taxes should be used to fund needed programs and spending should be cut when programs are inefficient or ineffective.

We do not believe that tax cuts are the only answer and many times are called for only in self interest.

We do not believe that government is the answer to every problem but should be a hand up not a hand out that creates dependence.

Because we believe that the government must run a balanced budget there are several steps that need to be taken today to change the fiscal direction of this nation:

  • Elimination of influence of special interest groups.  The interest of the citizen is priority one.
  • Elimination of all earmarks and pork barrel spending.
  • Elimination of funding for failing businesses at the federal level.  No more bailouts.
  • A major overhaul of Social Security
    • End SSI benefits for anybody who is 35 years of age or younger January 1st, 2015.
    • Calculate the benefits for anyone who still will receive SSI and the required contributions to fund SSI.
    • Adjust SSI tax rates for any tax payer who will still be receiving SSI to pay for the benefit.
    • End SSI tax on any tax payer who will not receive SSI.
    • Set up new required defined contribution plan (% of wages like SSI) for those not receiving SSI that can be invested 50% in guaranteed risk-free securities and 50% at the owners option.

Foreign Policy

We believe in a foreign policy that is driven by domestic priorities.

We believe that we should learn from history and our current position and withdraw from the engagements that have been detrimental to our country and offered no greater sense of security.

We believe that because there are unavoidable threats we should have the best defense department in the world to protect our boarders and our citizens from harm.

We believe we can serve as the voice of reason only if we loose our bias and political affiliation with special interest groups (both domestic and foreign).  We will not support any one nation over another but will offer our support to any nation that is willing to partake in diplomacy.

Because we believe in Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion we will not accept as argument to any issue one which has a religious basis.  We will not support or withdraw support from any nation because of it’s religious beliefs.

We believe in the abolishment of nuclear weapons but know that because nuclear weapons exist we essentially are at an impasse.  We must now protect ourselves from the very thing which makes us a threat because you can not abolish a technology or an idea.

We do not believe in fighting any war on any inanimate object.  A war on terrorism is a war that can not be won.  We need to identify who the terrorist are and then have a campaign to eradicate them.  We believe we can only defeat terrorism when we start a war on terrorists…not terrorism.

We believe we have a responsibility to aid any country or people that is being subject to genocide.

Social Stance

Our overriding principle is “Live and Let Live”.

While we may not agree with homosexuality we do not protest to loving couples living together and enjoying the same rights as heterosexual couples.  Marriage is a religious concept…Civil Unions (or common law marriage for that matter) is a societal construct that we support.

We believe that abortion is one of America’s greatest shames but we also believe in constitutional law and therefore support a woman’s right to privacy.  We believe that change in abortion will come with sexual eduction, responsible use of birth control and a family and social support system that will make an unplanned pregnancy a non-desperate situation.  We do not believe in picketing abortion clinics, arguing over the “moment of conception” or displaying pictures of aborted fetuses.  We believe that a person can be pro-choice and against abortion.

We believe in Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion.  Do you go to church every Sunday and tithe 10% of your income?  Fine with us.  Are you agnostic or a humanist and don’t know what to believe?  No Problem.  Are you spiritual but not religious?  Great.  We believe that Religion is a personal matter and not a requirement of a political philosophy.  We believe that humanity can be good without God but are not vain enough to believe that there is no higher power.  We believe that the word God does not necessarily mean the holy Trinity.

We believe that there is such a thing as the Tyranny of the Majority.  We believe that racism and prejudiced stubbornly endure and should be replaced with an understanding of cultural differences and unity.